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Other pirates vow to retaliate after daring operation by Navy SEALs

“From now on, if we capture foreign ships and their respective countries try to attack us, we will kill them (the hostages),” Jamac Habeb, a 30-year-old pirate, told the Associated Press from one of Somalia’s piracy hubs, Eyl. “(U.S. forces have) become our No. 1 enemy.”

I take this to mean that any act of piracy can be considered to put the crew into immediate imminent danger of being killed. Therefore pirates are all legit targets immediately. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

No more waiting around for the pirates to escalate things. They’re claiming that they’ve already escalated.

A lot is being made about Obama manning up and doing the right thing here, even though it was about as total a no-brainer as you could concoct. Let’s hope he really does man up and actually addresses this with policy.


  1. Wanna hear a good one? I heard a guy on tv the other day say, in essence, that it was bad for a commercial crew to have weapons aboard because the crew doesn’t know how to use them.

    He seems to have overlooked the fact that there was a point in every mariner’s life that he didn’t know how to be a sailor, either. Well, they managed to learn.

    I rather think that you could train somebody to be effective in a close quarters firefight more quickly than you can train someone to sail a container ship around the world.

    And consider what “effective” means here- be as hard a target as it takes to discourage the attack. Not sophisticated operations, just being able to defend the ship.

    What the he77 is so bad or difficult about that?

  2. Train everyone to use a 12-gauge and some basic ship-defense tactics.

    Train a couple of guys to use a 7.62 semi-auto and to shoot at guys in boats. Or even an AK and teach them how to spray guys in boats on full auto.

    Tell everyone how the pirates are saying they won’t hesitate to kill hostages.


  3. I reckon living conditions on these ships have improved enough to be able to arm the crew and not worry about mutinies.

    I support crews being armed and authorized to resist attack, as well as having our navy take out any pirates on the open seas.

    But please, let’s not get involved in some bullshit nation-building operation in Somalia.

  4. MO,
    I mean, how many possible ways are there onto a ship whose deck is like 80′ above the water? Would it be that hard to hold those places?

    And good gravy the crew knows every space and hatch in the whole damned boat…even if the bad guys got aboard, I should think that a crew with some training could put up a pretty gnarly defense.

    And yes, shotguns, definitely. Throw in a couple claymores, your pirate problem’s pretty well solved, nu?

  5. Ok I’m sick of hearing that the Navy isn’t properly equipped to fight pirates in dinky little boats. That is total BS. Sure we could have a Navy optimized for killing guys with RPGs and AKs in small motor boats but why?

    Just shoot the suckers or run them over (I mean or ships are a little bigger than a motor boat right).

    Speaking of that why can’t these massive ships that are being attacked do the same. I wouldn’t want to be in a little motor boat when a giant container ship swerves right at me.

  6. The problem is Lloyds of London and the other ship insurers. They’re so afraid of the liability claims that would stem from a container ship crew ventilating a boat full of “innocents” that they’ve mandated that the crews go unarmed. If they arm themselves, Lloyds and the others will revoke their insurance.

  7. These pirates modus operendi it to use grappling hooks and ropes to scale the side of the ship.

    How about some technical folks coming up with a way to send 100,000 volts through a strip around the ship just big enough so that one part of the pirate’s body contacts the positive strip while his legs are still in contact with the grounded hull.

    It’d be like a giant Bug-Zapper

    Sharks love well-done pirate meat!

  8. Wait, the insurer is more worried about running over a dinghy or a few firearms aboard the ship than it is with having the whole ship stolen and the crew ransomed? In what world does that make any sense? Do the Somali pirates really have that good a legal team to sue for damages after they get slaughtered by (anyone) with even slight to moderate combat skill?

    I am so tired of the decline of the civilized world. From inside and out. The strongest and wealthiest nations humanity has ever known sit back and bite their nails over some piss poor, drugged up and desperate thieves. If we don’t have the resolve to removed them from their life in response to their actions, then we really don’t deserve our place at the top. Ransom is really just the promise of murder unless money is given up. The only legitimate and timely way to deal with people like that outside a solid system of rule-of-law is to kill them. Rapidly and proficiently.

  9. the key to sharply reducing these attacks would be
    to carpet bomb the docks and support bases LANDSIDE.
    send a message.
    you pirate, you die.
    that seems something they can understand.

    and, to those who suggested the crews can’t or don’t
    know how to fight. there is plenty of spare time on
    a large freighter or vessel to learn use of arms.
    most of it is terribly boring.
    i think these crews are able to operate in
    their own interests and self defense.

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