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  1. I got sooo depressed seeing the huge chunk of my hard earned cash I sent off the giverment this week.

    The only thing that keeps me barely sane is knowing that a bit of it goes to train and support and provide a living for folks like that.

  2. jaymaster,

    I hear ya, bro…

    They already got mine. 4 figures worth. What really pisses me off is that they can take it out each month, and use it, and not have to pay me any frikkin’ interest on anything I might get back. I didn’t get anything back this year or last, either. If they would let me keep it up until it’s owed, I could at least make a little bit extra off of it, but no…

    I was quite glad the Tea party I attended had an open mic. It let me get a few things off my chest 🙂

  3. The Liberals were up in arms about water-boarding.

    Now they’re pissed off about tea-bagging

    What’s next on their agenda?

    Banning Mexican waves because their offensive to undocumented orange pickers?

  4. You want to hear something funny? The trigger pullers that actually made the shots got a hold of this poster and laughed out loud. This is also hanging in Maersk’s main office. I know because I made the poster and a buddy of mine is VP at Maersk. It’s also now they’re official computer wallpaper.

  5. That’s AWESOME! There were a lot of folks here at home cheering those guys and all of those that helped make it happen.

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