Friday Linkzookery – 24 Apr 2009

VI – Day, Victory in Iraq, June 13, 2009
The time has come to recognize our brave troops for bringing victory to the Iraqi people and to the cause of freedom around the world.

Concerns aired on number of Air Guard planes
What? A potential aircraft shortage? Next thing you’re going to tell Murdoc is that the Navy is short of ships.

New helmet program focuses on stopping power
Enhanced Combat Helmet for the USMC…perhaps not made of Kevlar.

Navy To Commission Guided-Missile Destroyer Truxtun
DDG 103 will be the sixth USS Truxtun in US Navy history.

Is Mexico arming Mexican Gangsters with US Weapons?
Anyone who knows anything realizes that machine guns and rocket launchers from the US civilian market are not arming Mexican gangsters. President Obama and AG Holder know this but keep saying otherwise. When I was young, I was told that sort of thing was called “lying.”

Petraeus suggests armed guards for cargo ships
I knew he must read MO!

Campbell Wants Out If Redskins Draft QB
If the Redskins trade up to draft Mark Sanchez tomorrow, I think I’m out as a fan.
A Petition by Catholics to stop Notre Dame from having President Barack Obama as its commencement speaker.

TWA Flight 800 Was Downed by a Missile
A collection of links for those who haven’t heard all of this 800 times already.

Teens charged in war memorial vandalism
Mount Pleasant, Michigan. How nice.


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