Heh…And then some

Scrappleface, always funny, is on a real tear lately. Here are the latest headlines:

2004 Preview: High Court to Amend 1st Amendment
DNC to Capitalize on ‘Good-News Fatigue’ in 2004
Albright: ‘Rings’ Sequel Timed to Benefit Bush
Microsoft Offers Homeland Security Patch
Kurds Lead Way to Spider Hole, Bush Re-Election
Poll Shows Americans Oppose Gay Marriage
But 9th Circuit Court Reverses Poll Results

Local Media ‘Not Ready’ for Direct Iraq News Feed
Polygamist Family Just Wants to Be Normal
Libya to Give Up WMD, U.N. Demands More Time
Dean: Bush Knew About Airplanes Before 9/11
Bin Laden Caught in Palace, Looking ‘Shevelled’
Bush Declares 2nd Circuit Judges ‘Enemy Combatants’
Sharpton, Ahead in Poll, Offers Kerry VP Post
Principal’s Use of N-Word Sparks Labels on Schools
Clark Would Have Caught bin Laden, Dumped Laura Bush
Saddam’s Capture Resets Iraq Death-Toll Clock
Expert: Insane Saddam Deserves Unsupervised Outings
Chirac Proposes Compromise: ‘Hijab-on-a-Stick’
Dean Takes America Back, Bush Gives Refund
Madonna Endorsement Brings Clark ‘U.N. Legitimacy’
FDA Panel Approves OTC ‘Morning-Before’ Pill
Pentagon Admits to Treating Saddam Like a Cow
‘Rings’ Fans Awed by Sequel’s Car Chase Scene
Rumsfeld: Dean Speech Made America Safer
4th ID Soldier Credits Democrats for Saddam Find

Tell ’em Murdoc sent you.