Ma Deuce All Dressed to Kill

Sent by a reader:

Spotted in an undisclosed location

Spotted in an undisclosed location

Says the sender:

I was running around an “unidentified ” camp in central Iraq, working on some company tasks, when I noticed the tricked out M2 HB on this Hummer. Vortex style flash suppressor, and some sort of optics on top of the rear receiver (though they’re not that visible because of the shadows), a multi rail shroud over the heat shield on the rear of the barrel, with a “honkin big” dual beam (white and IR) light mounted, and the large cubish green box appears to be a II device or a FLIR………………maybe one of your more technically knowledgeable readers knows what/which it is? Looks to me like someone’s planning on accurately placing some big hurt in the dark on deserving bad guys…………………..and they’d rather not mess up their sight picture with unnecessary muzzle flash! Ouch!!

I wonder what John Browning back in the day would think about this picture.


  1. The John Browning message is that if you do something right, you only do it once, and it endures.

    Those are scout trucks — the green box is an LRAS3 (Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System) FLIR. Good kit, and the white light and lasers (I forget the brand at the moment) are good additions, too.

    Though they don’t have the latest gear — the kimchi overhead cover means they haven’t gotten Frag Kit 7 yet, which provides ballistic overhead armor for the OGPK. And the lead truck has a gun shield which doesn’t have the quality of ballistic glass the next truck back in line has (partly a function of the LRAS3 mount). There’s a fix for that, a new front shield with better windows of the proper ballistic qualities, but they have to know to ask for it.

  2. I’m guessing that John Browning would be a little suspicious of driving a vehicle into a combat zone that one of his wonderful .50 cals could easily shred despite all the fancy bling. Maybe I’m just remembering how I felt.

  3. I’m an engineer/inventor too, and I think Browning would have mixed emotions.

    On the one hand, I’m sure he would be proud that we are still using the same basic design he came up with.

    On the other hand, I think he would be extremely disappointed that mankind hasn’t come up with something better a whole century later.

  4. Until we start using something other than projectiles launched from centerfire metallic cartridges, there’s really no reason to replace the Ma Deuce as a vehicle-borne HMG…

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