The Scorpions ROCK!

That’s all. Continue mission.


  1. LOL. No, they just came up on shuffle and I felt the need to define my position on whether or not the Scorps rock. I hadn’t really made an official statement on that issue previously.

  2. MO,
    The Skoahpyahns do in fact rock. I can’t really get into the “Winds of Change”-era ballady stuff; I can’t grok kinder, gentler scorpions. “Holiday” a possible exception. But yeah, “The Zoo”, “Blackout”, “No Onle Like You”…good stuff.

    I always wondered- maybe you’re the guy to ask- does he sing, “Raawk you like a hurricane” or “Raawk you like an ‘urricane”?

    I can never tell for sure.

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