Vacc Suit

Vacc Suit and Laser Carbine

Vacc Suit and Laser Carbine


  1. Neat looking, but dopey idea. One shot kills. Gotta be armored. Without armor, you don’t use this stuff but rather play with non-line-of-sight weapons. Trench warfare on the moon!

  2. Yea……… is pretty dopey if you think about it. One little slit in vaccum and you’d be toast……….er, I mean ice. 🙂

    I’m still ticked off they managed to muck up Starship Troopers so bad……….if only they’d stuck to Heinlein’s original story with the Mobile Infantry and mini nukes, and intelligent tool using/starship flying insectoid aliens!

  3. It would be possible to make a space suit that could self repair. For example, what about if it is made of two layers and there’s a liquid inbetween which solidifies when exposed to a vacuum. kind of like a self-sealing fuel tank or self-repairing tyre.

  4. “Why would a laser rifle need a barrel longer than the stock?”

    Just to play Devil’s advocate, for the foregrip.

    Rifles are very stable and steady, mainly because of all the places it connects to your body and you hold on to it. (Shoulder, trigger area, cheek weld, foregrip.) You would need even more precision if the laser was powerful enough, and focused enough, to extend to the horizon.

    If you are going to build some place for the operator to use his off hand, then you might as well extend the place where the laser light comes out past that grip for the sake of safety.

    “I think I saw that drawing about 30 years ago in a Traveler Role Playing Game book.”

    I was about to say the same thing! Desertmole beat me to it.


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