Rooskie Flat Top

“We are planning to resolve all the issues in 2010-2011, and after that we will make a final decision. At this point it is necessary to determine all technical specifications of the ship and the means of achieving them. Simultaneously, we have to decide on the strategic uses of aircraft carriers in the future,” Vladimir Popovkin said.

So far the Russian Navy only has one aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, built in 1985, with a displacement of 55,000 metric tons, a crew of 1,500, and capability to carry more than 50 aircraft.

Earlier reports that the Russians were not planning to arm the ship with cruise missiles seem to be confirmed.


  1. But what would the mission of this vessel be? Do the Russians really have a worldwide commitment such that bringing an air force with them across the sea is necessary?

    Yes, it’s nice to have in the abstract, but as a practical matter it’s a non-trivial commitment of resources to build and maintain a carrier.

    Why take that on if your biggest fear is the muslims next door?

  2. Because the Russians have a hard-on for the bad old days when the world trembled at their power. Same reason we are spending billions on stealth for air superiority and first strikes when we have nothing in the pipe for hardened CAS aircraft, the kind of planes we use every day in modern combat. Every military wants the glamorous symbols of power and technological/combat superiority. Just try to get some aerial refueling capacity. Not so glamorous.

  3. One of anything does not constitute a viable force structure. If they only have one carrier, they can’t really risk it on the kinds of missions you need a carrier for. The US will see the same thing with having three or less DDG-1000. Super duper weapons that can only be used against neolithic opponents who have no ability to strike back, which will make the huge investment in stealth well worth it

  4. Seems I recall back in the 80s a naval spokesman was asked if the Soviet’s building an aircraft carrier was making the Navy nervous. He replied to the effect that the U.S. Navy has more experience in sinking aircraft carriers than all other navies in the world combined, and that no, the Navy wasn’t nervous.

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