Osprey to Afghanistan by end of year

Marine Corps Times:

The MV-22 Osprey will head to Afghanistan by the end of the year, after it tests its sea legs on the amphibious assault ship Bataan, the Corps’ top officer said Wednesday during a briefing with reporters.

Commandant Gen. James Conway also said the aircraft likely will stay in theater for the remainder of the Corps’ role in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Despite a number of well-publicized teething problems, the Osprey has been getting the job done in Iraq so far as far as Murdoc can tell. I imagine that in Afghanistan, with fewer troops covering less-developed terrain, the Osprey may come in handy from time to time. Though I don’t know what its VTOL performance in high altitudes is.

This I didn’t know:

When the Corps sent the first MV-22 squadron to Iraq in September 2007, no one was certain how the aircraft would stand up in the harsh environment. To find out, the Corps kept the same aircraft in theater while rotating in three different squadrons over 19 months, allowing maintenance crews to determine which parts would wear quicker.

That makes sense.


  1. It would be cool if an Osprey were to be Marine 1.

    You know, that could be taken to mean that you hate black people…

  2. Eh…yyyeeessss, I suppose it could…OR it could be a visible, continual affirmation of support for Marines in the field through (surely nominal, but still) personal risk.

    Of course no CINC’s going to grab a rifle and stand a post. But he can still say, through deed, “I fly what you fly”.

    I’d look into it, if I were the Prez.

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