It’s those jackasses in Tacoma again

Group tries to stop Strykers from deploying

An anti-war group says 11 of its members were arrested trying to block Stryker military vehicles from Fort Lewis from being shipped to Afghanistan.

What I always find so ironic is that if the government or the military really acted like the protesters claim they do, we wouldn’t be reading about 11 members being arrested. The number would be “111” instead of “11,” instead of “arrested,” it would be “disappeared” or “driven over,” and we wouldn’t be reading about it at all.

Given what I’ve seen and heard about these guys, it’s clear they’re just on the other side. I’m not questioning their patriotism, I’m claiming they are patriots for the bad guys.

See The Protester Pocket Universe for previous jackassery.


  1. This is good news if it represents the Left protesting Obama’s war. I really want to see these guys feeding upon themselves like they did with LBJ.

    Up to now they have been silent because a democrat is now in office. Suddenly all their concerns about unjust wars vanished. I hope they realize his campaign rhetoric of hope/change was just bs to get their votes.

  2. “Useful idiots’, as they were known in the days of communism”

    Whatcha talk about…these people are communists…died in the wool, card carrying communists….

    “What do we in the Revolutionary Communist Party”

  3. Yep, there jackassery only works against good guys. I don’t think protesters laying in front of a SS Divisions Panzers would have caused much of a delay.

    Jerry Pournelle’s “There Will Be War” series had a great alternative history WWII story. Ghandi and Nehru try to use non-violent protests against the Nazis after they win the war. It didn’t work out very well.

  4. Bram,
    I thought of that story after I read your first paragraph, then in the next paragraph you reminded me of the name of said story.

    Damn that’s eerie.

  5. I’ve got quite a few of his books, though not that one. I especially liked his CoDominium/Falkynberg Legion Series, as well as the dove tail War World and Mote in Gods Eye series.

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