Friday Linkzookery – 08 May 2009

Iran helicopters strike Iraq Kurd villages
What could go wrong?

Irish soldiers in Chad banned from soccer and volleyball
Irish Soldiers serving with the UN in Chad are banned from playing soccer and volleyball because of the danger of injuries. This is good to see because we don’t want anyone…wait…WHAT?!?

Plug-In Hybrids: More Hype Than Hope?
The city of Seattle has more than 17,000 miles on a bunch of plug-n hybrids, but is only averaging 51 MPG so far. That’s pretty disappointing.

Britain To Remove Vector Vehicle From Afghan Operations
Admits it is too vulnerable.

‘As many as eight or nine assailants’
A large group staged a home invasion but ended up on the wrong side of gun.

F-35B passes key thrust test
Key vertical thrust test completed successfully.

First Navy JSF to be finished this summer
First F-35C will roll off the line soon.

Obama cuts target $465M GE-Rolls Royce engine
The F136 has been under constant attack for years. I fully expect that the F-35 is going to be an underperformer, and maybe the F136 alternative engine is a possible loophole to improve things. Or maybe it’s a just a huge money hole.

Pervert Clergy in Memphis
Ya know, if he were a Catholic priest, it would be national news. But, he’s not, so a local story it will remain.

Best Ranger kicks off at Benning
49 teams in the running.