Free Fallin’

Zero Gravity?

Prof Hall at Spacecraft discusses “Zero-G, or not Zero-G?” in his excellent blog. Like a professor, he uses all sorts of equations and stuff to explain what Arthur Dent already knew: Flying (or orbiting) is really nothing more than falling and mssing the ground.

Man all those equations make my head hurt. And does he download special fonts just to taunt the rest of us? Sheesh.

The post reminded me of the of scifi term “free fall.” I’d always thought that it was just a golden age way of saying “zero-G,” but it is actually pretty accurate if you think about it. Which Prof Hall apparently has.

He also noted the Narnia movies that will film in New Zealand and wonders about the public financing of the effort, which wasn’t mentioned in the article I read and linked to. Pathetic Earthlings is all over it. Check it out.