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Was white phosphorus used in Afghan battle?

Doctors voiced concern over “unusual” burns on Afghan villagers wounded in an already controversial U.S.-Taliban battle, and the country’s top human rights groups said Sunday it is investigating the possibility white phosphorus was used.

We’ll only hear about white phosphorus possibly being used by US or Israeli military forces about fifteen bazillion more times.

The American military denied using the incendiary in the battle in Farah province — which President Hamid Karzai has said killed 125 to 130 civilians — but left open the possibility that Taliban militants did. The U.S. says Taliban fighters have used white phosphorus, a spontaneously flammable material that leaves severe chemical burns on flesh, at least four times the last two years.

Oh, well never mind then. It’s only a story if it’s the good guys doing it. If the enemy does it, it’s probably because of our unfair foreign policy or Islamophobia or something. Whatever it is, we made them do it.

I also notice that Globalsecurity.com seems like it always gets mentioned in white phosphorus stories. And the napalm stories, too.

I’ll conclude with

Col. Greg Julian, the top U.S. military spokesman in Afghanistan, said the U.S. did not use white phosphorus as a weapon in last week’s battle. The U.S. does use white phosphorous to illuminate the night sky, he said.

Julian noted that military officials believe that Taliban militants have used white phosphorus at least four times in Afghanistan in the past two years. “I don’t know if they (militants) had it out there or not, but it’s not out of the question,” he said.

A spokesman for the Taliban could not be reached for comment Sunday.

Emphasis Murdoc’s.


  1. Sounds like maybe the Taliban is smart and knows how to push the American press’ buttons? Say it ain’t so! I bet if they had air power they’d be dropping nape on the locals, too. Anything to get Americans to turn on their own. That’s part of the definition of terrorism, folks.

  2. I was in the Nasty Guard with an old ‘Nam guy.

    You take war stories with a grain of salt, but he said he had seen the Cong do similar stuff- ambush GIs IN the ville, for example, to ensure as many civilians as possible were killed in the crossfire. Real classy.

    That guy was actually pretty funny, but not funny ha-ha. He always had this kooky half-grin on his face, mumbled when he spoke, and was a career E5 who had like 25 years in but was totally useless. They put him in a corner of the commo shop where he couldn’t hurt anything- spooled wire, changed batteries, that sort of thing.

    The funniest bit- he had worked on a Pershing crew at some point. We kinda hoped that he got f*cked up and grabastic AFTER his tour with nukes; otherwise the Army had given a TS to a demonstrated weirdo.

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