To the Hubble

Murdoc argued for a long time that one final servicing mission to the Space Telescope was important.

Atlantis and crew are on the pad waiting to go.

UPDATE: Liftoff.


  1. The space program everyone wants it, but no one wants to pay for it. The zombie apocalypse no one wants it, but people are willing shell out bucks for it… So what we need are space zombies! Its a win win!

  2. I’m willing to pay for the space program – just eliminate every social program in the budget.

  3. GeekLethal,

    I have no problems with the space program in concept. Personally I think we should double or triple the funding for NASA – provided we can manage the money well.

    What I cannot stand are quotes like this one.
    “seriously people. why do billions of dollars of our taxes have to go to the space program instead of spending all that money on fixing problems right here on earth?
    the only thing nasa is doing that is any good is the space station. that can be used for important experiments that can’t be done in gravity. but why go to mars? who cares. and fuck the moon. quit wasting all this money. if nasa wants to go in to space then great. but why not cut them off from the tax funding and make them raise their own money.”

  4. Maybe that’s why we haven’t been contacted by species from other planets – they elected liberals.

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