Friday Linkzookery – 15 May 2009

Gates says next-generation bomber might fly without pilot
No way. No one saw this coming. Not even Murdoc.

Ruger SR-556
Adam Heggenstaller’s got pics and info.

U.S. blocking Israeli access to U.S. fighter-jets
Obama administration won’t disclose some technical info on the F-15SE.

DoD Study Called for 260 Raptors
Well, boys, gonna be almost a hundred planes short.

Osprey to Deploy With New Firepower
New 360 degree 7.62 rotary cannon will be mounted on MV-22 headed for Afghanistan.

Are Gun Sales Finally Leveling Off?
Umm, no.

4th Ranger Training Battalion Soldiers win 2009 Best Ranger Competition
Sgt. 1st Class Blake Simms and Sgt. 1st Class Chad Stackpole victorious.

The T48 Automatic Rifle
Great page on “the American FAL.”

Task force seizes pirate ‘mother ship’
As in “we totally seized those mother&*ckers and their ship, too!

Navy accepts Bush after debris caused delay
Newest carrier accepted. Let’s hope the debris that delayed Bush wasn’t pretzels.

Arctic (Non) Warming Since 1958
This cannot possibly be right. For one thing, it doesn’t seem to indicate that humanity is doomed. For another, how many books could someone sell arguing that disaster doesn’t loom over all of us?

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/15/09
The Liberty Sphere’s daily linkzookery of gun stuff. Always good.

Very useful map showing whether or not IMAX screens are really IMAX screens or just IMAX-branded.

Berliners regret near-total destruction of wall
It’s mostly gone. Murdoc sees part of it every once in a while at the Gerald R Ford museum in Grand Rapids.

It’s LESS expensive to own a car, part II
A “walkable” community is either a luxury for the affluent, or a dismal living situation that those too poor to afford a car have to settle for.

Social Security, Medicare may run dry sooner
I thought I had been assured that the predictions of running dry were just scare tactics by those pushing private savings plans. 2010’s projected surplus has gone from $86 billion to $3 billion.

A Poof of Blue
Billiard chalk as a reactive target.

Amphib New Orleans repaired after collision
53 days in port after collision with submarine USS Hartford.

Falling flat-screen TVs a growing threat for kids
Remember this next time someone tells you this is another Great Depression. I don’t recall the Joads having to deal with this threat.

Adams Arms AR15 Fix
Got a chance to check out this piston retro-fit kit on my poodle shooter.


  1. Wow, this is one of the best linkzookerys ever! Took me a couple (enjoyable) hours to sort through all of that.

    Thanks Murdoc!

  2. I never thought I’d see the day. Ruger selling an evil rifle. I thought old Bill said there was no reason why any “honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun” or “I never meant for simple civilians to have my 20 or 30 round magazines or my folding stock.”

    Up until the recent NRA model mini 14, they refused to sell their twenty round magazines to the general public, LE and military only. Does this mean that Ruger is finally shedding it’s founder’s misguided ideas of appeasing the anti-gun lobby?

    The gun looks pretty damn nice. 1900 is a little steep, but not too bad. All it needs is a good red dot and a tac sling and its ready to go.

  3. “Falling flat-screen TVs a growing threat for kids”

    Now they tell me!!

    My mama always told me: “T.J. stareing at that 8-inch screen, black and white Dumont TV while watching the Howdy Doddy show would be harmful.”

    But I resisted tunning out cause I really enjoyed watching Judy Tyler’s (aka:Princess Summerfall Winterspring) boobs bouncing up and down when she did a war dance.

    Yup, I was horney before I knew what the word meant.

  4. “Under the proposals, the Pentagon would order modifications of JSF to provide the aircraft with nuclear strike capabilities. The sources said such a capability would provide the Pentagon with access to government budgets to maintain and develop the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

    WTF! Why? would would someone be so daft as to make the F-35 nuclear capable? The process would add millions to the plane’s already bloated cost and could potentially kill the program as it could run afoul of nuclear arm reduction treaties….

    Last time I checked, no one is complaining about the lack of nuclear capable platforms…

  5. Great idea to piss off an ally who wants to buy expensive jets in times of economical downturn.

  6. Unmanned bombers??!!

    “SkyNet activation complete”###########+\ “Extermination sequence initiated”##########+\ DDOOHH!!!

  7. Vitor, that ally would have purchased those jets with US taxpayer funds. I’d rather save the dough or buy more for our forces.

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