Re-Inventing the Mundane

Refueling tops list of LCS crew challenges

The Navy’s first littoral combat ship, Freedom, is so different from other surface ships that even mundane tasks require a whole new way of thinking.

Take, for example, refueling at sea. A regular warship matches speed with an oiler by syncing up the revolutions per minute of the ships’ propellers. The problem? Freedom doesn’t have propellers.


Refueling underway will be critical for all the Navy’s littoral combat ships, which achieve their high sprint speed by gulping fuel like Kool-Aid. A deployed LCS could need to refuel as often as every three days, according to some estimates, making its ability to gas up at sea that much more important. Freedom will need to get supplies via helicopter in vertical replenishments, because it isn’t equipped to accept pallets of supplies zipped over from a Military Sealift Command ship in a traditional unrep.

Additional issues include no helo launches or landings yet and problems with the side launch of the ROV that will be used to hunt subs and mines.


  1. Well its a good thing that we do not have many LCS’s since the Navy does not have a budget for fuel….Of course a cynical person would ask what would a LCS do once it showed up.

    Anyway, a linked GPS navigation system would solve the refueling problem.

  2. Ah ha! That was you that posted that satirical (and hilariously true) smack down on the Navy and Admirals the other day! LOL!

  3. Flanker…. you caught me, though I have to admit the Murdoc did a brilliant editing job. He could have quite a career a technical writer. I wonder if he takes dictation?

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