Budget Cuts hurt Michigan Vets

Veterans, feeling the pain of Michigan budget reductions, plan to protest in Lansing

A 25% cut in budgets for state veterans organizations is a tough blow.


  1. Ditto! (I’m not a vet, but I certainly don’t agree with most this Admin’s priorities……including this one).

    Bailed out (a mistake) the finanacial industry = gained federal control over it.

    Bailed out (a mistake) the Auto Industry once for apperanace sake, then threw them under the bus = gained federal control over it.

    Raised taxes (a mistake) = gained more federal control over every tax payer’s life & liberty.

    Proposed a host of new benefits, and benefits disguised as program reform/s = more federal control over all that.

    Talks endlessly about everyone feeling the pain, getting in the game, pulling togather = creating a background psychological prep for most of the population (sheeple) to buy into greater federal control of everything.

    The enemy is at the gate.

  2. “The enemy is at the gate.”

    Sorry Flanker,

    I fear the enemy is already within!

    Thank goodness I’ve been collecting Social Security for 5-years now. So I figure at least I got back close to what I put in.

    I feel sorry for the younger people.

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