Okay, okay…Regulate the hell out of this

USDA refused to release mad cow records

I’m working hard to not go all alarmist over the Mad Cow discovered in Washington state. There will be plenty of that to go around.

The tone of this article, and of some of the others I’ve read, indicate to me a rather lackadaisical response from the USDA so far. There doesn’t seem to much of a sense of urgency.

I’m not suggesting that they run screaming through the streets. I’m not suggesting that they blow it all out of proportion and get everyone all lathered up. But

Although the United States Department of Agriculture insisted the U.S. beef supply is safe Tuesday after announcing the first documented case of mad cow disease in the United States, the agency for six months repeatedly refused to release its tests for mad cow to United Press International.

The USDA claims to have tested approximately 20,000 cows for the disease in 2002 and 2003, but has been unable to provide any documentation in support of this to UPI, which first requested the information in July.

Excuse me. It sounded like you just said “July.”

This is a disease that, I believe, is 100% fatal for humans that contract it. I wouldn’t mind a little rushing about, to be honest. First off, those records, if they exist, should be released IMMEDIATELY. The USDA claims to be searching for them. Better look a little harder.

I’ve had faith in the USDA over the past few years when they’ve assured us that the European problems with this wouldn’t get here.

That’s obviously gone.

The Washington cow was tested because it was a so-called downer cow — a cow unable to stand on its own — which is a sign of mad cow disease. However, the United States sees approximately 200,000 of these per year or about 10 times as many animals are tested for the disease.

They’ve tested 10% of the animals with symptoms that may indicate the disease? And they can’t find the records for even those pathetically few tests?

This is the kind of crap that gets people dead. The USDA is our watchman.

Who watches the watchmen?