Aging Relics

Air Force wants to retire aging jets early

The Air Force this week announced plans to retire 254 combat aircraft next year, 249 of which would be removed from service earlier than scheduled. The equipment affected includes 112 F-15s and 134 F-16s, both tactical fighters, along with three A-10 ground-attack aircraft.

Prior to the announcement, only five fighters had been slated for retirement in 2010.

What could possibly go wrong.

Some of the early retirees will be 15s from Elmendorf in Alaska. This article calls the F-15s “aging relics.”


  1. Who are “we” to question the current governmant’s tactics?

    Especially with “The Messiah” running the show and looking out for America’s best interests.

    By the way if they’re gonna scrap all those useless “ancient F-15s” I wonder if they’ll give one to me?

  2. I’ll take an A-10 (LOVE those ugly planes!) & park it in my back yard, until the g’ment decides they really, really need it & want to buy it back from me. ;P

  3. The Air Force is right in that they have a bunch of aging F-15’s that need to be replaced. Upgrading a 20 year F-15 is really a waste of money if you want the bird to last any length of time. The F-15 lines are open and producing birds. The F-35 may be the answer, but not for at least 10-15 years before their numbers get high enough to matter (To be honest I do not see the Air Force building very many F-35’s ever- not in the current budget mess we are in). We should build about 200 new F-15K’s in the Silent Eagle configuration as a “stop gap”.

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