Photos Aboard USS Toledo (SSN 769)

Bryan Jones had an opportunity to spend a little time aboard this attack sub and he’s posted a ton of photos.

Aboard USS Toledo (SSN 769)<br /><em>Bryan Jones Photo</em>

Aboard USS Toledo (SSN 769)
Bryan Jones Photo

Really great stuff. Highly recommended.


  1. Well if there were any secrets still kept secret about 688 boats I guess the cat’s out of the bag now.

  2. Pics from a real sub quite effectively debunk movie sets like Red October. Great stuff, since it shows quite starkly the choices one makes if they want to be a bubblehead and wear the dolphins.

  3. Wow, that’s really cool, I’ve always wanted to see what the inside of a Los Angeles class looks like.

    The people who did the interiors for Hunt for Red October did a pretty good job, it looks fairly familiar 🙂

    I got to go inside of a WW2-era Soviet sub (I think it was docked somewhere in Los Angeles) and boy was it cramped. This seems positively luxurious in comparison (although probably still pretty cramped if you have to spend six months stuck inside it).

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