Where’s the outrage?

Porphyrogenitus: Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?

Porphyrogenitus notices that no human shields seem to be packing for Iraq.

I figured that if anything was deserving of such protection as having a ring of human shields to prevent bombing, it might be a Red Cross facility dedicated to succoring the Iraqi people.

Remember them? Although a number left Iraq, disgusted that Saddam wanted them to shield things like power plants and airfields instead of hospitals and schools, I’d think that they would be ALL OVER this. Isn’t protecting things like the Red Cross from violence used for political effect EXACTLY the sort of thing they claim to stand for?

Maybe they’re lying.

Seems to me that they hate Bush and/or the USA so much that they’re more than willing to sacrifice a few Iraqis if it means US policy gets a black eye. Remember that next time they and their kind stage an anti-war protest. (via Instapundit)