It’s always 10 Years

Army chief: U.S. ready to be in Iraq 10 years


  1. Not always. The USSR tradition was that true communism was always one more five-year plan away. In the meantime, they would have to continue to work with the intermediate step, Socialism.

    In Iraq, with the drop in oil prices impacting the ISF force improvements, it is probably 15-20 years. The ISF plan to be strategically independent by 2020 has reportedly been killed. Not a large enough budget to support the force improvements.

    Saying 10 years is the beltway code for indefinate. As in longer than the maximum term of a presidency…

  2. Perhaps Casey just wanted to join KcKiernan in eraly retirement?

    If it turns out to be true; and Obama green lights it, we’ll have to drastically increase the number of operators on all the suicide hotlines to handle the masses of stressed out far lefties who slide over the edge at this latest betrayel. LOL!

    On the other hand………maybe we should reduce the number of operators……………

  3. Saying 10 years just confirms this is one of the biggest strategic disasters in US history.

  4. 11Bravo:

    False premis.
    – We still have troops in Japan and Germany and most people consider WWII to be an allied victory.
    – We still have troops in Korea and most consider that to have been a stalemate.
    – We do not have troops in Vietnam and we lost that one…

    The reason we will still need to be there is that Iraq is the natural roadblock to Iran regaining its lost empire. The GCC could not stand against Iran if the Iraqi roadblock is gone.

    Since 1943, it has been normal for over 20,000 US military personnel to be operational in the Persian Gulf region. And Iran has only been hostile since 1979.

  5. DJ, Are you saying the only way to guarantee a victory or tie is to keep troops deployed in that nation for 5 decades?

    As for Iran, since when are they trying to regain an empire?

  6. 11Bravo:

    No. That is another false premis.

    I am saying that how long we are there is not a method of determining success or failure. And that such a claim is a false premis. Most commonly called a strawman argument. A form of propaganda.

    Persia has been trying to regain its empire on and off for over two thousand years. Every since an upstart 19 year old Macedonian started beating up on them. The current Iranian leadership has that same egotistical attitude that they should rule the ME.

  7. The purpose of the US Military is not to set around in the US.

    The people who argue that we need to bring the troops home are ignoring that the job of the US military is overseas if we are doing it right. The US is just where the US military trains and repairs its gear.

    If the fighting occurs on US soil, then we have been derilict in our duty. (E.G. 11SEP2001)

    The US has maintained a force presense in the ME continuosly since 1943. Iraq is actually a better position to contain Iran than what we had previously. We are there to keep the oil moving and our economy functional.

    The Iraqi Air Force will not be up to speed until sometime in the 2020-2030 timeframe with the current GoI budget. Until then, the US will need to cover that. Armor will be an issue until 2015-2020 at current GoI budget. That is what Casey is talking about.

    Iraq does not have the budget with the current price of oil to be ready to stand on its own prior to that. Which means we will need to.

  8. DJ, your progression goes from troops remaining in Germany, Japan and Korea to none in Vietnam resulting in victory, stalemate, and loss. If time is immaterial to determining victory or defeat, it then appears you judge not losing by not leaving.

    If that’s the case, we will end up staying in perpetuity. Germany, Japan, and S. Korea have all been prosperous, stable nations for decades, and yet we remain, even though the USSR and Warsaw Pact went out almost 20 years ago. If we won’t leave Germany, when would we ever leave Iraq? In 100 years Iraq will still not be as developed, stable and prosperous as Germany is now.

    Length of time is not the primary determinant in assessing victory or defeat. But staying adds to the cost of the policy. In the end the question that needs asking is, ‘was the benefit of this policy worth the cost in blood and treasure’. I believe most people, if they knew in March 2003 what they know today, would say it’s not.

    Also, please elaborate on Iran’s, I mean Persia’s, recent empire building efforts.

  9. Ready to be in Iraq for 10 years? Does he mean 10 more?

    We’ve been operating there continuously since 1991 to some extent; we’re coming up on 20 years for goodness’ sakes.

  10. “The purpose of the US Military is not to set around in the US.”

    “The people who argue that we need to bring the troops home are ignoring that the job of the US military is overseas if we are doing it right. The US is just where the US military trains and repairs its gear.”

    Could we at least spare some troops to guard our borders. It is pretty embarrassing that the world’s greatest superpower can’t even control or even hamper the flow of people and drugs across its borders. We could probably assemble about a division’s worth of troops just from our contingent in Bosnia and Kosovo.

  11. Could we at least spare some troops to guard our borders.

    Okay, I’ll weigh in for a second and say yes. Hell yes.

    Continue mission.

  12. GL: Yup. From 1991-current. Spent enough time deployed to the Gulf. What he is talking about is the recent rethink of how long until Iraq can be strategically independent.

    Two years ago, the Iraqi Minister of Defense briefed a three phase plan for the development of the ISF:
    – Phase 1 ends at 2011 and was to put the ISF at Tactical independence. I.E. Capable of independent internal security.
    – Phase 2 was 2011-2015 and was to put the ISF to Operational independence. I.E. Capable of independent internal and external security with the exception of air.
    – Phase 3 was 2016-2020 and was to end with Iraqi Strategic Independence.

    This plan started in 2006 when the new Iraqi government finally formed. The plan has been scrapped according to press reporting. The current budget does not support the ISF Phase 2 or Phase 3 timeline goals.

    Anybody who was paying attention, knew we were going to have to cover Iraq in the air until Phase 3 completed (2020) and that we would need some overwatch ground units thru Phase 2 (2015). Claiming that that means we failed is setting an fictional timeline as a determination of success or failre. That has only been claimed by the politicians, not by the US or Iraqi militaries.

    Now we are looking at longer than 2015 for ground and 2020 for air due to the GoI not being able to afford to upgrade as fast as was planned. Price of oil. Military equipment, especially aircraft are not cheap. And the only military equipment we are donating is being replaced anyway. Worn out HMMWVs that did not have the heavier suspension needed for the armor, for the most part.

  13. Talk to the politicians who decided in 1949 to demilitarize the Mexican border. 11th Cav Div had the duty there until then. With that one move they eliminated all real border enforcement between the US and Mexico 60 years ago.

    Personnaly, I suspect we are going to be sending troops into Mexico before too long. It is getting ugly down there. If I were in charge, I would be augmenting that border with a division of ARNG. If nothing else, it would be good training.

    The Canadian border and Great Lakes were demiliterized by treaty in the 1800s when the border was finally agreed on. With fewer than 1,500 Border Patrol on that much larger border, there hasn’t been enforcement there for over 150 years.

    And do not even get me started about the inadequate numbers of USCG vessels to patrol and enforce out maritime borders…

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