Thales Goalkeeper Video


A couple of those views show just how last-ditch close-in defense systems are. It’s sort of like some of those film clips from WW2 where the kamikaze gets blasted 100 feet from the ship…you can practically feel the sigh of relief from the men on deck.

Of course, there was usually more than one kamikaze. And there will usually be more than one missile today.


  1. Aaaahhhhh…….I didn’t listen to the sound, so I’m still wingin’ it.

    I liked the way they interspased it with the socker/goalkeeper imagery. I’m not sure if it was just remaining propellent that blew when the rounds impacted the “threat missile”? If it really had a warhead on it…..that was a pretty manly test!! Or, even if it didn’t! LOL!

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