Armored Afghan Insurgents

Equipment, skill improve among Afghan insurgents

The latest Sean Naylor piece at Army Times:

The insurgents’ modern gear and the relative sophistication of their tactics and marksmanship indicated that these were not local guerrillas. The use of body armor, helmets and smoke grenades is “fairly rare” anywhere in Afghanistan, and “most likely indicates a skilled group [of] … foreign fighters with funding and previous experience [and] training,” an Army source in Afghanistan said.

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  1. A family member and his close friends ran into a bunch of foreign fighters in Helmund province.

    They “T”‘s are now harmlessly fertilizing the poppie fields.

    Perhaps this rabble is part of the “upgrade” they ran into who even had Russian night vision equipment.

  2. That’s a lot of jumping to conclusions. Historically, the local arms industry has always tracked their opposition’s resources very closely, on the back of lots of little workshops. They upgraded to matchlocks when the Portuguese reached India, then to flintlocks in the 18th century, to knock off Martini-Henrys in the Second Afghan War, to AK 47s more recently, and so on. While the first batch of this equipment might have come from outside, it’s not that likely that it came solely in the form of outsider units (any such units that came would find they had to hand some over to the Afghans or have the lot stolen) – and the locals are probably making their own right now, if it has proven useful for them.

    Me, I’m waiting to see if knockoff missiles start turning up in effective numbers.

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