More Gunships

New gunship plan: 8 modified MC-130Ws

As part of the fiscal 2010 budget, the Defense Department has set aside $31.6 million to begin equipping eight MC-130Ws with limited gunship capability, according to budget documents. The additional firepower will buttress the two dozen aging AC-130H/U Spectre and Spooky gunships, Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz and Air Force Secretary Michael Donley told members of Congress during a May hearing. The AC-130s are in high demand in Iraq and Afghanistan for night-time flyovers.

According to the Defense Department’s special operations budget, existing MC-130s would be modified to include “an armed over-watch capability including sensors, communication systems, precision guided munitions and a single medium-caliber gun.”

Seems to me that we need more of these, but this is a start.


  1. Pilots will fight for those slots. My understanding is that AF officers are vying for any job that lets them blow up bad guys.

    Well they’re already jockeying for gigs with the old/new B52 unit in Minot for that very reason.

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