Michigan wants to raise gasoline tax

Great idea. The plan calls for what will amount to a 34 cent per gallon tax instead of the current 19 cent per gallon tax.

Rep. Pam Byrnes, D-Chelsea, said it will be hard for lawmakers facing re-election next year to vote for a higher tax. She said the gas tax plan is backed by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, which argues that improved roads will encourage businesses to come to Michigan.

Yes. And we all know how higher taxes are always encouraging to businesses, too.

Here’s Michigan with it’s puny 19 cent tax:

Michigan\'s gasoline prices are currently the highest in the nation.

Michigan's gasoline prices are currently the highest in the nation.

Raising taxes sure will help Michigan.


  1. Yup! More taxes = improved business climate, and encourages people to spend more on gas in our state, so they can visit our tourist Meccas. Good thinking, Bro!

  2. Funny how Texas, with lower gas prices and taxes, seems to be still growing, while Michigan seems to be floundering…

  3. You’re missing the bottom line. Although it is true that Michigan’s 19-cent gas tax is relatively low, the state also imposes a 6% sales tax on fuel. Not many other states charge a sales tax at the pumps.

    Only four other states collect more taxes at the pump than Michigan does. If Michigan raises its gasoline tax as much as you’re proposing, our motorists would be paying — by far — the highest taxes in the nation.

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