Via The Weekly Standard, which notes

the President’s “strongly approve” rating has fallen from roughly 42 percent to roughly 32 percent since Inauguration Day, while his “strongly disapprove” rating has risen from roughly 14 percent to roughly 32 percent.

You know, a lot of Americans voted for Obama. Suckers.


  1. To be fair if it were McCain he probably wouldn’t be in a better position, in fact probably worse with respect to the approval index.

    He probably would have made a lot of the same mistakes too, although my guess is he wouldn’t have dug the hole quite so deeply.

  2. I was never Romney’s biggest fan, but I’m wishing more and more that he had been nominated. He probably still would have lost, unless his campaign had pulled out a miracle, but to me he would have been in a far better position to manage this whole mess. At least he has a firm grasp of how basic market principles work and how to manage an enterprise within those restrictions. But then he would have been working with a Demo-socialist congress so we would’ve still been screwed. But if they were fighting each other they wouldn’t have as much time to be spending all of our future revenues as they do now.

    My only hope is that all this over reaching will result in another quick and massive political swing just like ’94. Democrats just don’t seem to be able to resist their impulse to run flat out for their agenda once they get the baton.

  3. Don’t blame me, I voted for……….

    Yea, this country would be a tough ride for any president right now. I agree with you guys though; Obamanation supporters are going to find out how thin Obama’s resume really is. Dealing with our economy, the world economy, foreign relations, and social policy aren’t going to be handled by a few “inspirational” phrases, team building exhortations, platitudes, and telegenic presence. In the end………..I suspect Ms. Obama isn’t going to be much of an problem or issue solving asset either, though to listen to the MSM, she’s the greatest thing since Jackie O.

  4. Wow…I managed to catch up with news…

    And yes, I voted for the other guy. Go Ackerman. Instead of mucking around, shouldn’t he just get to the task at hand and realize he should fix the country before slapping new things on it?

  5. Yep, Romney would have been so much better, considering he’s a liberal RINO handily elected to the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts. The man only became “conservative” after he decided to run for president. Go back and check out the old tapes when he used to deny he had anything to do with “Reagan Republicans,” or their ideas.

    I’ll even go so far to say that Romney was the GOP version of Obama; they’re both slick, well-spoken, and have expiration dates on their positions.

    If McCain had won, the smartest thing he could have done would have been hiring Ron Paul’s financial adviser, then getting out of the way.

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