A Surprise for Hannah

Ten-year-old Hannah Eschrig gets a surprise visit at her Randolph Elementary School classroom.

Murdoc just got something in his eye there for a minute.

(via Frank Warner) UPDATE: Found it on LiveLeak.


  1. We had a slight sandstorm earlier and, uh… Who am I kidding? That got me good. Made me miss my kids that much more.

  2. I got wet cheeks from that one. The sacrifices that our troops and family make every day of their lives, and the nobility and proper strength they do it with are so incredible and admirable. They set the example for the country, even for a schmuck like me that’s just putting in his nine to five (actually eight to ten at night, but I can hardly complain about my lot). It makes me want to throw up when I compare this to some of the worthless fucks that spend their wasted life tearing down the people that serve and their motives. I know which group I want on my side.

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