Bring: Sandwiches, Chips, Ammunition

Open Carry Picnic in Kalamazoo, Michigan:

It resembled most any Sunday afternoon picnic in Bronson Park. Except most of the people assembled around tables filled with watermelon and grilled goodies had firearms in holsters strapped to their waists.

The Glocks and the Smith & Wessons remained holstered but visible during a three-hour Open Carry Picnic designed to raise public awareness of what organizers called Second Amendment rights in Michigan to openly carry a firearm in most places.

Murdoc was not too far from Kalamazoo this past weekend, but he didn’t know of this event.

Predictably, the comments section is full of lunatics. For a good laugh, go read some the choice ones.


  1. “…[gun owners] hold back our society by advancing their cause of fear, paranoia, and mistrust of not only our fellow man but of our government, our soldiers, and our law enforcment officers.”

    This poster is mostly right on the money, but not for the reason she thinks.

    But I doubt she’d like to hang out and talk about how a healthy mistrust of government is a fine and proper thing. It’s not paranoia, it’s freedom.

  2. Good point. I guess it matter what you mean by “hold back our society.”

    There’s a lot of “our society” that I think needs a bit more “holding back.”

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