45% Say Cancel Rest of Stimulus Spending

Rasmussen says that a good chunk of America says pull the plug on this disaster before it gets any worse.

Only 36% say damn the torpedoes.

And here’s a shocker:

A plurality of government employees believe speeding up the stimulus will be good for the economy. However, those who work in the private sector strongly disagree.

Via Instapundit.


  1. Rasmussen must be polling those liberal leftist overpaid pinko government employees in the District of Corruption. We underpaid government employees down here in the heartlands are sick of seeing the fraud, waste and abuse going on with this stimulus program. Speeding it up simply pulls the money out of our pockets faster.

  2. The stimulus spending is what’s destroying the economy. Treasury is borrowing $1.5 billion a month to pay for it. Where do they think this comes from? They are sucking investment in private industry dry.

  3. Peter Schiff is a hero for me. For years he has been pointing out the keynesians fallacies that are plaguing the economy, but then people in the media would mock him, not understand why “America isn’t entitled to easy money”. Now everybody pays attention to what he says…

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