‘We’re not going to turn the other cheek’

Abdulhakim Muhammad

Abdulhakim Muhammad

Ark. suspect says he is unaware of new attacks

The Muslim convert accused of killing a soldier outside an Army recruiting center said Wednesday he is not aware of any similar attacks planned against the military on American soil.

Abdulhakim Muhammad told The Associated Press that FBI agents visited him in jail and asked if other attacks were planned. Muhammad said he told the agents that he wasn’t aware of any specific plans.

However, he warned of danger ahead.

“I don’t know anything that’s in the works,” Muhammad said in a collect telephone call from the jail. “We’re not going to turn the other cheek. It’s definitely not the end of it.”

(Emphasis Murdoc’s.) “WE’RE”? Doesn’t sound like some guy that “just snapped.”

He says the killing was justified because of US military action in the Middle East.

Funny that this isn’t getting a lot more press.

UPDATE: Contrast the decided lack of coverage of Muhammad’s background or claimed motivations (motivations he has flat out admitted) with this about a shooting this afternoon:

James Von Brunn

James Von Brunn

A “white supremacist” and “known racist” and it isn’t even time for the evening news yet.

See? The media can find things out and get out the word when it wants. “When it wants” being the key concern here.


  1. “He says the killing was justified because of US military action in the Middle East.”

    Yeah god forbid you eject a dictator who was committing mass murder and oppressing tens of millions of people and install a democracy. How dare you?

  2. I think this dude needs to be waterboarded.

    Toejam style waterboarded that is:

    1) Strap him to a surf board.

    2) Drop him in the middle of the Niagra river about 50-feet from the falls!

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