Stykers in NYT

Quick-Hitting Brigade Test-Drives a New Army Vehicle in Iraq

Tomorrow’s NYT has a story on the Stryker. It’s pretty much basic information, stuff MO readers have known for weeks and months.


One aspect of the brigade that’s noted is the fact that the Army has a lot riding on its success in Iraq. A lot of money and a lot of reputations are on the line, not to mention the lives of the brigade’s men and it’s mission in the war.

With the cost of fielding each brigade now at about $1.5 billion, the Army is not cutting any corners in seeking the unit’s success. It is even spending $9 million on individual gear for the soldiers, like kangaroo-leather gloves and custom-designed uniforms with built-in knee and elbow pads. “The Army has set this unit up to do well,” said First Lt. Leonardo Flor, 23, a platoon leader from Leavenworth, Kan.

That’s all understandable, I guess, but I’m wondering why the rest of the Army hasn’t set the rest of the units up to do well. That’s not what 1Lt Flor meant, of course, but when we hear about shortages of batteries, body armor, and tracks for Bradley Fighting Vehicles, it makes you wonder.