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Military Mobilization: Ralph Peters is Wrong

I’m not pleased about the way we’re treating the Poles. I’ve explained myself here.

Trent Telenko notes in Winds of Change

The US Army has caught unholy hell because it shipped interceptor body armor to the Poles ahead of US National Guard formations getting ready for or now in Iraq. It isn’t going to do the same with HMMWVs. The type of HMMWV that the Poles want are the M1114 armored variants. The Army is flat out at maximum production capacity with the vehicle, and every truck that it lets the Poles buy is one less for American troops in Iraq.

The issue is likely the same for C-130s. The USAF can only fly C-130s and C-17s into Baghdad and Kabul because of the shoulder fired missile threat, and it is flying only the latest and most up to date electronic counter measures equipped planes. The Poles want the same anti-missile equipment that the USAF is using up in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and there is none to spare.

If this is the case, and I imagine that it very well could be, I fully support keeping the equipment for our troops before sending it to Poland. However, I certainly hope that we have been very honest and forthcoming to Poland about the reasons for witholding the goods.

Poland is going to be one of our most important allies over the next decade. Or more. We had better be doing everything we can to keep them happy.

If we keep the reasons for stiffing them “secret,” we risk alienating them as well as scaring off potential allies down the road. Help the US? After they treated Poland like that for helping in Iraq?


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