Swords into art exhibits?

A letter to the editor of the Salt Lake Tribune thinks she’s got a better idea of what to do with F-15 funds:

Instead of throwing good money after bad, the extra billions earmarked for the JSF could fund staff and ambitious exhibits at public museums across the country, educating young students and creating jobs. That kind of creative New Deal resource allocation could pull us out of the deepening recession.

Look, Murdoc’s no apologist for military procurement cost overruns, but is this woman deranged? Opening some museum exhibits by cutting back aerospace manufacturing will create jobs?

She’s on the right track about it being “New Deal”-type resource allocation, though.

I wonder who the letter writer is. Probably just a concerned citizen.

Laura Bonham Deputy director Progressive Democrats of America

Yep. Just another unbiased American without an agenda.


  1. I cringe everytime i hear this stupid “creating jobs” mantra. It’s usually used towards some unproductive job not desired by society that destroyes wealth instead of creating it.

  2. The “New Deal” did not end the great depression, WWII did. As a general rule US government sucks at creating jobs. Even if we zero’d out the pentagon, there would be people like this lady bemoaning that we did fund enough cultural sensitivity classes that would enable us to get out of this recession.

    If governments were so good at creating jobs, Europe should be a full employment nirvana. They have single payer health care, vocation training programs out the wazoo, a social safety net that lavishes funds on the poor and unfortunate.

    That said, the F-35 program is a black hole. Even worse, the intended mission for the plane is better handled by UCAV’s for the stealth missions and F-15/16 for the ground pounding.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong: funding the military is a Constitutionally-defined role of the US federal government. Funding museums isn’t.

  4. James – WWII didn’t end the Depression, it just allowed FDR to offshore the unemployed.

    The Depression ended when FDR died and adults took over government again.

  5. WWII didn’t end the Great Depression. Factories and infra-structure being bombed and people killing each other is note economically productive. And while there was war, civilians had to rationalize basic stuff like rubber and food.

    It’s a common keynesian fallacy that War solved the depression. Actually many keynesians economists were worried that with the end of the war the economy would collapse! They actually believed that millions dying was economically productive! Of course they were wrong, and with the end of the war, the USA experienced a strong, yet sustainable economical growth

  6. So…when we build these new museums…

    What happens when all we have are museums commemorating the Anointed one and our potential enemies have better jets and bombers?

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