Murdoc thinks the joke was fairly tasteless regardless of who he meant.

He and his writers should have been sure about what they were talking about, though I guess I buy the explanation that he thought it was Bristol Palin at the game, not 14-year-old Willow.

As an aside: Let’s stop and think about this for a moment. The defense seems to be arguing “what’s wrong about making jokes on national television about a sports star impregnating a woman?” That’s the defense? Talk about a weak position. Anyway.

However, at this point I guess I see the issue as pretty much closed. Whatever he really meant or really thinks, he’s done the apology. I’m no fan of Letterman, but I don’t see what else could be expected. Sure, Gov. Palin is probably still pissed. I would be, too. The whole thing is utterly ridiculous.

But I guess I don’t agree with calls for Letterman to be fired over this. It’s a stupid late night show with a host known for making stupid remarks. Shockingly, he said something stupid.


  1. I think most of the call for his firing come from the crap that got dumped on Imus for the basketball team comment. Sure he appologized right away (unlike Letterman) but he still got thrown under the bus. Many just want to see equal treatment for all situations like this. With all the inappropriate comments made about Palin and her family by liberal media types, and them not even getting a real slap on the wrist, it looks like unless you verbally “smear” someone in a protected class (black, gay, etc) you get a free pass…and especially if the subject happens to be Republican or Conservative.

    Just my observations. I think he should be ashamed of himself, and I will probably NEVER watch him again (considering I barely watch TV, not a big deal), but its up to ABC as to weather or not they can him.

  2. Haven’t watched him in years. He’s seems to have gotten older and angrier. Still, the apology seemed heartfelt, as he didn’t say “sorry you misunderstood me” like a politician would, but he said “it was my fault”. So I give him credit.

  3. Well, as a father of two girls, and the grandfather of 4, I would not get all teary eyed if someone enlarged that gap between his front teeth to about 2″.

  4. I guess that Jay Leno and John McCain shouldalso be ashamed for making fun of Gov. Palin’s daughter. While I think the joke is in poor taste I never once thought it was about the youngest daughter. I don’t understand how it was funny, the opportunity to “poke fun” at someone else’s expense disappeared after the election…it wasn’t very funny and this doesn’t really deserve the advertising and air time it’s getting. The protests and “outrage” don’t do Gov. Palin or Dave any service–they both look silly at this point IMO–Gov Palin for taking the joke out of context and Dave for making poor comedy.
    Of the two I think Dave comes across as less “political” unfortunately. I wished Gov. Palin would be a breath of fresh air, but her activities are getting a little “stale” for me. Just my 2C.

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