It’ll be just like starting over

News is that Steve Spurrier has resigned as head coach of the Washington Redskins. Although not terribly impressed with his teams, I certainly don’t relish the thought of a new staff with new ideas taking over next year. Part of the problem the ‘Skins have had is inconsistency.

I don’t know who’s available or interested, but the ‘Skins shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a replacement. They’ve got a roster loaded with talent and an owner who doesn’t care what it costs to get what he wants. Whoever it is, they’ll be the team’s fourth head coach in five years, the fifth if you count Terry Robiskie who took over from Norv Tuner for the last couple games of 2000.


UPDATE: Now Spurrier denies that he resigned. The team says Spurrier’s agent called them and told them to issue the statement.

Maybe someone posing as the agent called with bogus news? Maybe Spurrier doesn’t want to resign because that would prevent him from coaching in the NFL for three years?


UPDATE 2: Okay. He really did quit. What a joke.