GunPundit Down

UPDATE: Back on the air.

A GunPundit post is #1 on a Bing search linked from today, and traffic was through the roof until the host pulled the plug on the site. After explaining that it was legit traffic due to a temporary spike, the helpful support tech said “Sorry we can’t let it run with this traffic” and said I’d have to upgrade.

I understand that they can’t have one site hogging the majority of the resources on a server, but my sites combined do not pull in the traffic to justify dedicated hosting. I’ve had traffic higher than this in the past, and had no trouble after I installed a cache plug-in to prevent overloads when things spike for a day or two. Not sure why this is a problem today, but it is. I’ve seen where they temporarily move sites experiencing traffic to other servers until things die down, but apparently that isn’t an option for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, they are not telling me how long the site will be down. In fact, they aren’t being helpful at all.

UPDATE: Apparently got escalated. Someone else is at least going through the motions of being helpful. Hopefully I can disable a few things temporarily and be back on the air soon.


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