Remington ACR Video is calling it the Remington ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) but the last I heard it was being called the Bushmaster ACR. Bushmaster is now a sister company of Remington under the Cerebus empire. The ACR was, of course, previously the Magpul Masada.


  1. So did Remington/Bushmaster buy the design from Masada, or did they acquire Masada, or …?

    (Please excuse my ignorance…)

  2. To Nicolas’s question above…

    Magpul developed the concept and partnered with Bushmaster to commercialize it. e.g., Magpul realized they are great at product concept work but didn’t have the expertise to “productize” a firearm…at least not yet.

    Bushmaster…along with Remington, DPMS and a few others…were (and still are) being purchased by the holding company called Cerberus (same guys that owned Chrysler for a while). The firearms part of that equation is called Freedom Group.

    Remington is being used to hit hunters on the “civilian” side and mil/police on the government side…leveraging the name and already established go-to-market channels. I suspect that Bushmaster will remain the tactical brand they go to market with for civilians.


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