New US battle rule: No fighting near Afghan homes

All the critics that said this war would last forever and ever and never ever end?

I guess they were right.

Isn’t this the equivalent of deciding that police will not chase criminals so that bystanders won’t get hurt, then publicizing the rule?


  1. The obvious solution is to bomb the homes into rubble.

    There no rule about fighting near Afghan rubble.

  2. Every house will have a scoped rifle in one window, and an RPG in the other. This will end badly.

    Oh, and +1 to you, Toejam.

  3. The country doesn’t have willpower to stay engaged long enough to achieve a reasonably acceptable outcome, much less a victory, with this new ROE. If we quit now, we’ll save lives and money and the end result will be the same, the Taliban back in power. Fight to win or don’t fight.

  4. I was thinking that a better analogy was, “this is like fighting a war in Vietnam but allowing bombing in the north.”

  5. This is how NuLabor got the British Army out of Iraq … by loading on rules of engagement restrictions until the troops were helpless.

    This will end poorly … Obama wants the US to fail.

  6. ChasR nailed it. Even one rule like this just advertises that we won’t do what it takes to win. It was rules like this that hamstrung us in Vietnam and allowed the enemy safe haven in Cambodia and Laos. The intent is probably genuine and well intentioned, but its a losing idea. If you can’t trust your grunts and commanders to make the right call on the ground, then don’t send them in.

    If we don’t have the commitment to do it right at the present, then let’s not wait for god-knows how many more years and how many more casualties on both sides to admit we didn’t get, and couldn’t get it done.

  7. I agree with all. Time to go home.

    The lawyers and political assholes (redundant) have taken command. Unfortunately they only lead from the rear so they won’t be the ones killed by their stupidity.

  8. Bram,
    JAG lawyers were on the ground early on; absolutely NLT than the arrival of initial elements of 101st. Lawyers have been blessing fire missions and air strikes since the bottom of ’01 or the top of ’02.

    SF soldiers I spoke to felt, maybe more than half-joking, that the war was over as soon as the Big Army showed up.

  9. My contact in the ‘stan is truely disconcerted with this one. I thought the new guy would have a brain.


  10. Real nice. All they need is one guy with an SVD or even an old Lee Enfield, to start taking pot shots at our guys. We can’t blow ’em up, and the mud brick walls are too tough for 5.56 and potentially larger small arms fire… so what do we do? One of two things: retreat, or…

    Send in a squad to clear the building, who are then promptly turned to red mist when the sniper activates his suicide vest.

    Being a terrorist has got to be one of the easiest jobs in the world (aside from the death part).

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