My favorites from 2003

I started MO in March for fun. It’s moved twice, from MSN Groups to Blogger and most recently to Movable Type on rented server space. It’s been a lot of fun, very educational, and rewarding.

Here are some of my personal favorite posts from the past ten months, in no particular order.

Who’s naughty, who’s nice?: Why the Air France cancellations might not be such a “win” for our side.

Cry me a river:
The Boeing 767 Tanker lease and mess it’s made

Farmers and the Fourth World War: How subsidies and big agribusiness may be hurting our cause in the war against terror

E.T. the activist: Could the film E.T. be partially responsible for peoples’ distrust of the government?

Is Bush going soft?: When Bush went to the UN in September, did it signal an about-face in US policy?

Due to popular demand: The XM8 Assault Rifle: The possible replacement for the M-16. By far and away the biggest search engine draw to MO.

Stryker Talk: One of many posts on the new Stryker Light Armored Vehicle, this one was written shortly after the military announced they would be deployed to Iraq.

Confused: Maureen Dowd argues that the bad guys weren’t in Iraq until the REAL bad guys (anyone agreeing with President Bush) arrived.

Thanks for reading Murdoc Online.

Remember: If you’ve had just HALF as much fun visiting MO as I’ve had writing it, I’ve had twice as much fun as you.

Have a Happy New Year.