Rose Bowl

Kick-off is coming up in the game between #4 Michigan and #1 USC. Although pulling for Michigan, part of me would like to see USC win big.

I’d like the Bowl Championship Series have to explain why a unanimous #1 team, which wins its bowl game big over #4, is NOT their champion.

If college football goes to a playoff system, with at least 8, but preferably 12 or 16, teams playing ON THE FIELD for the trophy, I will start watching again.

They can use the current BCS system of polls, computers, and formulas to pick and seed the playoff teams. Of course there will still be hard feelings from the top couple teams that don’t get in, but who really cares if #17 or #18 are griping that they should be #16?

12 or 16 teams would take 4 weeks of playoffs. Start on New Years Day or so, and play your championship game either the weekend before the Super Bowl or the day before the Super Bowl. Play in the cities where bowls are currently played, and rotate games between cities.

I don’t want to hear anything about the tradition and the money involved in the current bowl system. That is a complete crock. Or rather, that is an argument that would disappear within a year or two when the new traditions and the far bigger money of a playoff system are realized.

UPDATE: USC 28, Michigan 14. And it wasn’t really that close. USC was just too fast, and Michigan’s offensive line couldn’t hold back the USC defense, and Michigan couldn’t run the ball or protect the quarterback. USC is the national champion.

I don’t know if they can, but maybe some coaches will NOT VOTE for a number one team in the final poll. This is a disgrace to college football.