Scratch one flattop

Aircraft carrier (deommissioned ) for sale

A reader alerted me to the fact that that aircraft carrier is back up on eBay. Current high bid is US $68,675,757.90. It was listed earlier

But the auction was delisted not long ago due to accusation wrongly made by a suspicious customer. We showed evidence that this vessel is DECOMMISSIONED and therefore not Ordanance. We are shipbroker and not arms dealer. We shipbrokers do not have the ownership of the vessels we sell, as none of the shipbrokers does, just as your real estate broker cannot ask you to transfer the title of your house to him before he start selling propery for you.

They then helpfully point out how you could make money by turning it into an amusement park and/or hotel.

This is the former HMS Vengeance, noted on MO in August. (I had posted several months earlier on it, claiming that I wanted it for MO world headquarters, but the post was lost while I struggled to blog using MSN’s hellish free Groups web space.) It was listed for $4.5 million at the time through normal channels. The current high bidder (rider-storm) is going to be pissed when he learns he’s overpaying by $64 million.

I notice that the seller (artlab2001) has NO POSITIVE FEEDBACK at all. EBay wisdom dictates that you approach this seller cautiously. For all we know, it could just be some crook who happens to have an extra aircraft carrier in his garage. Who knows where he got it? He should have at least bought a couple of cheap-o items and waited to get some positive feedback before listing the carrier. Sheesh.