Hobbs Online on the move

Hobbs Online has moved to a spiffy new MT-powered site at www.billhobbs.com. He notes that he’s still working on the site a bit,

fixing the blogroll, adding categories, moving some posts over from the old site, adding a few other features and such…

That probobly explains the absence of MO from his blogroll.

He also notes that although moving posts in from Blogger is fairly painless, updating them to point to new versions of posts instead of back to Blogspot is very manual. In fact, that’s what I spent a great deal of my own New Year’s Day doing for my site–now every post going back to the beginning of October should point to the “new” post on murdoconline.net as opposed to the “old” post on blogspot.com. Once I’m done with that (it should only take another couple of months) I’ll have to change all the images to pull from here instead of blogspot. Then I’ll have to figure out what to do about all the old comments on the old site. Any ideas?

In any event, go check out the new HobbsOnline site.

UPDATE: And I still haven’t finished categorizing all the old posts.