Friday Linkzookery – 07 Aug 2009

GI to Get MoH for Valor in Afghanistan
Sgt. Jared Monti of Raynham died trying to rescue wounded comrades during a battle with Taliban insurgents.

Israel Says Tanks To Get New Anti-Missile System
Trophy system for Merkava tanks.

MasterPiece Arms .45 Tactical Carbine
Everything has a tactical version these days.

Family: Speicher found far from crash site
Still things to be answered.

SAF’s Gun Rights Policy Conference
In St. Louis this September.

Extra training may mean more time between combat tours for Stryker soldiers
2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment headed to Bulgaria and Romania fro three months.

RAAF’s white elephant in the sky
Each of Australia’s F-111s requires 180 man-hours of service for every hour in the air.

Audio care packages for service members with Google Voice
Google announces a program to automatically extend Google Voice invites to anyone with a .mil e-mail address.

NAVAIR fuels team plans Super Hornet biofuels flight test
Navy looking to test 50-50 blend similar to USAF tests with coal-based jet fuel.


All violent video games poised for ban in Germany
As a result of a school shooting in March. Not sure what the status of this legislation is.

LCS Bids Submitted to U.S. Navy
Two of one design and one of the other?

Turbine-seal leak means more tests for LCS 2
LCS 2 hit 43 knots at less than full power but spring a seal leak.

DoubleStar 1911
Sharp-looking .45

Children played with body for 11 days
New Zealand kids thought it was a crocodile carcass.

New Documents Detail Threats to Fire Amtrak Inspector General
The AMTRAK quagmire just keeps getting more quagy and more mired.

Without opium, Afghan village economy spirals
Who would have guessed?

Rehabbed dolphin killed by shark
Ah, the circle of life.

Russia may order amphibious assault ship from France
Rooskies interested in a 20,000-ton Mistral-class helicopter carrier.

Recommended tobacco ban for military is a difficult proposition
You don’t say. The proposal would still allow tobacco use in combat zones.

Extreme Shock 100-grain Short Range Tactical .223
Frangible mess-maker.


  1. I posted a reply on the F-111 post at the Daily Telegraph but I don’t know if it worked or whether they will publish it so I might as well duplicate it here:

    I think Eric is onto something.. sadly, while the F-18 “Super Hornets” will be replacing the F-111s they won’t be able to do the same job. Neither will the F-35s, if they are ever finished. That’s why we’ve kept the F-111s so long, despite the incredible cost, there aren’t really any modern aircraft that have a similar combination of long range, good performance and flexible loadout.

    In fact the closest modern aircraft to the F-111 in terms of range, payload and performance is probably the Sukhoi Su-27 “Flanker” and its derivatives (Su-30, Su-33, etc.) I think the Russian aircraft have some maintenance problems – they just aren’t designed to last as long as aircraft from the USA – but India have some experience operating them and we’d probably have gotten more capability for less money with those aircraft.

    Unfortunately I get the impression that the politicians in charge of making this kind of purchasing decision made their mind up before seriously comparing the various options. It’s a pity as I think we will collectively suffer for it until the next upgrade, at which point I hope a better decision is made.

  2. Nicholas,

    Have you thought about going with some Bones? (B1-B)

    I think they would certainly do the job as far as payload and range.

    And I’m certain they would be more cost effective than the Ruski planes.

  3. “All violent video games poised for ban in Germany”

    Ya know, even though many members of my family’s prior generation, both male and female, (my aunt Betty served in the European theatre via the WAACs) were in the military in WW-II and several were wounded in battle, I still think I prefer the attitude of the 1940’s brand of Kraut to the 21st century’s Deutche Von Pussies.

    Having said that, thank goodness there are some who still haven’t accepted the Euroweenie, surrender monkey attitudes. The German army today is small, (too big might change the political spectrum), relatively well armed (thanks H&K) but most importantly very proud. And proud is all it takes to be effective.

    For those who haven’t seen “Band of Brothers” here’s a good example of a defeated, but proud military force:

  4. Toejam yes I thought about B1-s as being a possible replacement for the F-111 but my understanding is they’re a bit of a white elephant. About 100 were made — I think? The production finished long ago and I’m not sure what the deal would be for getting spares if we bought used ones from the USAF (if they would even want to sell the operational airframes they have). The advantage of the Sukhois is they’re more of a multi-purpose aircraft and as far as I know they are still in production (some variants, anyway).

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