That really sucks

On March 29th I wrote about a Reuters story that claimed US tankers were firing their main guns down city streets and that the suction of the round going past was “sucking” enemy fighters out of their hiding spots and into the street.

Not everyone was buying it.

A loyal reader, I’ll call him MacUser, has asked for confirmation of this story, questioning the physics blah blah blah. All I can say is: The story ran in Reuters, which means it must be accurate, right? Right? C’mon, folks. Right?


I wasn’t reading Donald Sensing at the time, but he wrote about the same story a couple of days later. Too funny.

But, seriously, Reuters was right about everything else, though. Right? Right?


  1. As an ex-tanker (12 years), I’m vastly amused. And horrified that Reuters found out our Most Important Secret Weapon. Yep, that’s right. We’re trained to fire a main gun round designed to take out another MBT in order to ‘suck out’ a few fighters. No need to use the multiple machine guns that would do the job just as well… Oy vay.