Massive Ordnance Penetrator by Next Summer?

Pentagon, Eyeing Iran, Wants to Rush 30,000-Pound Bomb Program

The U.S. Defense Department wants to accelerate by three years the deployment of a 30,000-pound bunker-buster bomb, a request that reflects growing unease over nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea.

Comptroller Robert Hale, in a formal request to the four congressional defense committees earlier this month, asked permission to shift about $68 million in the Pentagon’s budget to this program to ensure the first four bombs could be mounted on stealthy B-2 bombers by July 2010.

The MOP is the GBU-57A/B and each B-2 will be able to carry two of the monsters.


  1. Well, it certainly seems like it should be possible to develop this new type of bomb with a one year time frame. Heck, whole new aircraft were designed and built in that sort of period during dubya dubya two and they didn’t have computers to help them…

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