Michigan Town WANTS the Gitmo Detainees

Standish, Michigan: Jobs trump fears of terrorists in small Michigan town where Guantanamo detainees may be sent

To many people struggling in this job-starved part of rural Michigan, unemployment is a bigger threat than terrorists.

With unemployment at more than 17 percent, many residents say they would welcome detainees from Guantanamo Bay in order to save the 280 jobs at a prison scheduled to close because of state budget cuts.

“We’ll take the most dangerous prisoners the world has to offer if we have to,” corrections officer Paul Piche said Monday.

Another location getting attention is Fort Leavenworth.

Murdoc certainly doesn’t think saving 280 jobs is justification for bringing these guys to the Wolverine state.

Seems to Murdoc that the ideal place to house these dirtbags would be at some remote military-only facility where the chance of escaping is pretty much zero, the possibility of affecting US citizens is nil even if prisoners’ buddies try to stage a break-out or punitive strike, and the ability of protesters and other troublemakers to interfere is zilch.

Say, on an island somewhere.

Via Donovan.


  1. Ireland.

    The Liberal, bleeding-heart, Micks have already stood up and gladly asked for 2 of the Uighurs.

    Maybe the rest can be accompanied by Ex-Irish President Mary Robinson, the Israeli/American hater, who thinks everyone deserves to be treated with dignity even if they tried to kill American troops in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    Check it out: http://blog.american.com/?p=3691

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