Mark Steyn:

On the Sunday morning of Saddam’s capture the President called the Prime Ministers of Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy and Poland. The Canadians had to wait for a brief conversation on the Monday, and the French, Germans and Russians had to make do with James Baker. The Democrats may mock the “Coalition of the Willing”, but for Bush it’s a real thing, an informal democratic alliance that, unlike the UN, gets the job done.

Well, that’s not really fair. The UN declared Kuwait free from danger of invasion just this past October, and more recently, has begun inspecting for WMDs in Lybia. How would they manage such things if they didn’t get the job done?

Oh. Right.

So we’ve got the UK, Poland, Spain, Australia, Italy, and assorted other nations allied with us in Iraq. If France decides to send troops next Friday, does that suddenly make the occupation multilateral?

I’m just asking.

Nothing new here. Just move along. (via One Hand Clapping)