Even the bad guys’ families know we’re not bad guys

Saddam’s in-laws fight for justice from their mansions

In this Telegraph article about the families of Iraq’s 55 most-wanted:

For families whose very word once meant life and death for ordinary Iraqis, this new impotence has come as an outrage.

“We do not even know where our relatives are being held,” said Mustapha Kamal Mustapha Abdallah al-Sultan, son of Kamal Mustafa Abdallah al-Sultan, Saddam’s son-in-law and secretary of the Republican Guard.

Not surprisingly, some Iraqis aren’t all that sympathetic:

“These relatives of Saddam are monsters,” said Assad Majid, from central Baghdad. “They stole businesses and raped girls. We were always afraid they would take my younger sister. There was no justice then but jungle law.

“If they accused you, maybe you could bribe them. If not, there were daily beatings and executions.”

But as brutal as the invasion was, and as dangerous as the occupation has been, some Iraqis seem to have an understanding of the situation.

The point is not lost on Saef Fadil Mahmoud, the son of Fadil Mahmud Gharib, a Ba’ath Party regional command chairman and No 47 on the coalition’s most-wanted list.

“At least with the Americans I know I will see my father again, that he will not simply disappear,” he said, pointing to a photograph of him on the wall of his comfortable Baghdad sitting room.

Iraqis saying things like that must drive the peaceniks NUTS. (via Hootinan)