Lead off with Hellfire, Follow-up with 30mm

Got five minutes? Watch this.

B-roll of Helicopter gun camera video footage released today shows the deliberate steps International Security Assistance Force personnel took when countering the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) placed by two insurgents Aug. 5 along a road in southern Zabul province, Afghanistan. Scenes include an Attack Weapons Team of helicopters assigned to the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade of Task Force Pegasus observing and engaging two insurgents emplacing an IED, destroying them and eliminating the threat.
Courtesy Video
Date Taken: 08.05.2009
Posted: 08.09.2009 01:47
Video Location: Kabul, AF

Note that they talk about Strykers having just rolled through.


  1. I was thinking the same thing. Will we run out of $70,000 hellfires and multi million dollar helos before they run out of pissed off peasants? Its high tech and nifty, but that sure had to cost a pretty penny for three enemy KIA.

    Also, how do they know they weren’t part of AfTRANS out fixing a pothole in the road? Then stringing out a traffic sensor to count cars for future road upgrades. They were probably just loyal civil servants, doing their humble job! Call Michael Moore!

  2. Hellfire takes out roadside bomb + bombers. Pretty cheap compared to sending in more troops to disarm bomb and dispose of.

  3. “It cost between $25k and $65k per hellfire depending on version. That is cheap compared to the cost of repairing a striker or the risk of losing troops.”
    F&^%ing A Right. Cheaper than repairing a Striker, safer than sending in EOD team and preferable to one of guys buying it. All in all a job well done.

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